What we do

“The procurement solution for driving client prosperity”

Just Praktikal (Pty) Ltd is an online building materials supplier and discounter.Its key offering to its customers is a transparent, informative, well-priced building materials product line, available for immediate purchase and overnight delivery. Everything simplified and hassle-free.

Success is measured by attaining the following for our clients:
  • Optimal and clear pricing
  • Optimal product quality
  • Efficient and speedy delivery
We achieve this by:
  • Undertaking the deepest and most comprehensive research on solution options for our clients
  • Developing the largest number of relationships with manufacturers, suppliers and all stakeholders within the construction and buildware space
  • Continued and dedicated focus on new developments in research, development and best practice

Our aim is to be a quick access, well-priced solution to all your build-ware and hardware needs. With full explanation and total transparency, we offer an immediate and hassle-free solution to you getting what you need at an optimal price with a few easy clicks. In addition, we offer full telephone support with any questions, clarifications and advice you may need

Vision and Mission

To be the first choice supplier of all your building material needs at low prices for excellent quality and with fast, efficient delivery.

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